Magnitude 4.7 quake hits western Iran

Eight Earthquakes Strike Iran-Iraq Border, Injuring 4

The Latest: US expert: Rapid Iran-Iraq quakes not unusual

In November 2017, a powerful magnitude 7.3 natural disaster hit the border areas between the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Iranian Kurdistan (Rojhilat), killing over 300 people. In Thursday's quakes, four people suffered minor injuries. The eighth hit near Mehran in western Iran, about 90 kilometres southeast of Mandali along the sparsely populated Zagros Mountains that divide Iran and Iraq.

The earthquakes all hit within an hour of each other. Scientists consider earthquakes of magnitude 5 as moderate. Electricity and internet services were not interrupted in the Iraqi capital. The depth of the epicentre was around 10 km. "If there was a stressed fault that's ready to move, they happen like that until the stresses are relieved, so it's not too unusual". There is no information about injured people and destroyed buildings.

The region was rocked by a devastating quake last November, in which more than 400 people were killed and around 6,700 injured. Many people are still living in temporary homes and tents.

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Iran's state news agency Press TV reported a 5.6 magnitude quake near the city of Sumar.

Iran sits on major fault lines and is prone to near-daily earthquakes.

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