Leave marijuana to the states

Some SF Dispensaries Given Provisional Authority to Sell Pot

Some SF Dispensaries Given Provisional Authority to Sell Pot

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom had some harsh words for the Attorney General in a statement: "Today, Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration destructively doubled down on the failed, costly and racially discriminatory policy of marijuana criminalization, trampling on the will of California voters and a year-long bipartisan implementation process led by Governor Brown and the California Legislature". "And, certainly the question of constitutional rights".

Another speed bump is the fact that because pot remains illegal federally - and, thanks to Sessions' announcement last Thursday, its use is again prosecutable - banks are refusing to do business with cannabis retailers, meaning sellers can not accept credit cards.

But Michael Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Kush Tourism, which serves as a travel guide for cannabis tours, shops, accommodations and activities in states where marijuana is legal, said cannabis tourism is on track to be big business. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) vowed to hold up President Trump's nominees to the Justice Department.

Frosh said that under the Obama priorities, the decision to grow, sell or use marijuana in states where it was legal carried little risk.

Part of the reason that pot tourism isn't likely to take off quickly in any of the places where recreational marijuana is now legal - Alaska, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Washington, D.C. - is because of some of the complications surrounding where and how people can consume it.

Despite the federal policy change, the Vermont House passed a bill this week to legalize marijuana.

The effects of this new law have already been seen locally.

Marijuana is illegal at the federal level in the USA, however, the Obama administration had adopted a hands-off approach, giving states more control over regulation. He goes on the say that "as a candidate, my friend Donald Trump said that he supported states' rights in the matter of whether the states could legalize marijuana".

They argue that such jurisdictions have lower rates of crime and improved safety because immigrants who are victims or witnesses of crimes can report them without fear of deportation. "The federal government still has laws against it". "It's still not clear how [Sessions' decision] affects ME", he said. Thursday's announcement is a major decision that could have ramifications for every state.

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He said the hospital has a responsibility to address the "social needs" of patients, working with outside agencies. It confirmed that the woman was discharged Tuesday night from the emergency department of its Midtown campus.

The areas that would be opened are all federal waters - generally starting 3 miles off the coast. Maryland's Larry Hogan, another Republican, said he also opposes drilling off his state.

We'd all be better off if the federal government left this national drug experiment to the laboratory of the states.

In another development last week, Trump disbanded a commission he assembled previous year to investigate voter fraud in the 2016 elections, something he asserts without evidence cost him the popular vote. State officials in other states, such as Washington and California, have both had choice words for Sessions as well.

Some states sued over the request.

Most of Seattle-based Privateer's $150 million in investments are in companies based outside the United States, and Moen conceded that Sessions' action Thursday would keep it that way for the short term because of regulatory uncertainty in the United States.

"It throws all of the state laws into chaos", said Frosh, a Democrat.

Dozens of states voted to amend their constitutions to outlaw same-sex unions, while courts and lawmakers in others started to legalize the relationships.

2018 was poised to be the year of marijuana with Oklahoma, Kentucky, South Dakota, Utah, and Missouri addressing the legalization of medical marijuana, while Vermont, New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and OH set sights on the recreational marijuana legalization debate.

Frank isn't the only one in ME concerned about state law conflicting with federal law.

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