Israel Paid $5 Million in Compensation to Jordanians Killed by Guard

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Mideast: Israel-Jordan agreement ends crisis

Jordan said on Thursday that Israel has formally apologized for the deaths of two of its citizens killed by an Israeli security guard last July in an incident that has soured ties and led to the closure of the Israeli embassy in Amman, state media said.

According to the Times of Israel, a diplomatic source said Jerusalem would study the incident and "share the results with the Jordanians".

"According to sources close to families, the Israeli government paid compensation [of $5mln] to the relatives of the two victims in the embassy: minor Mohammed Jawawdeh and Dr. Bashar Hamarneh, as well as to the relatives of the deceased judge Raed Zeiter", the Jordanian Al-Gad newspaper reported. Israel has also reportedly issued a formal apology for both incidents.

Jordan has refused to accept that the shooting was an act of self-defense.

Israel's ambassador went back to Israel along with the guard and other embassy staff after the incident and Jordan subsequently said it would not permit the return of an Israeli ambassador to Amman unless Israel launched legal proceedings against the guard.

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The Jordanian spokesperson, Mohammad Momani, also said Israel had agreed to comply with all the kingdom's preconditions for resuming regular diplomatic relations between the two sides.

This belated Israeli response is an admission of guilt and Jordan, therefore, has all the right to expect that the process of law will take its full course in Israel against the two Israelis who wantonly took the lives of three innocent Jordanians.

Another source confirmed that there was "no way" Israel would pursue criminal charges against embassy guard Ziv Moyal.

"The Israeli authorities will continue reviewing the materials regarding the July 2017 incident and anticipate making a decision in the coming weeks", read the statement by a spokesman from Israeli Prime Minister's Office. Those included, he said, bringing legal action against the Israeli security guard accused of killing the two Jordanians, and offering financial compensation to the bereaved Jordanian families.

On Friday, Netanyahu also said Israel had not apologized to the Jordanians, but had told them that it "expresses regret".

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