Intel: Chip performance takes a 6% hit with security updates

Intel's neuromorphic chip.		
	Intel Labs

Intel's neuromorphic chip. Intel Labs

That's according to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, speaking at a Monday night keynote to kick off the CES industry conference in Las Vegas.

About 2 million vehicles from BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen will this year start using Mobileye Road Experience Management (REM) to crowdsource data and so create and easily update low-priced, scalable high-definition maps. Intel isn't the only one pursuing this goal - IBM happens to have a giant 50-qubit quantum computer hanging around at CES - and the competition between tech giants to own this next generation of computing can only make it come faster.

Intel Chief Executive Brian Krzanich said on Monday 2 million vehicles from BMW, Nissan and Volkswagen would use its unit Mobileye's technology to crowdsource data for building maps that enable autonomous driving.

During the announcement, Intel unveiled the advancements made in the field of neuromorphic research. It's Intel's first foray into the AI chip arena. By using these quantum chips, Intel and others believe that they can solve problems of much higher complexity than traditional silicon microprocessors-though Intel and its rivals have invested billions in continually improving those chips.

He added that there had to date been no confirmed cases in which customer data had been accessed via exploits created to take advantage of the flaws.

The power of data is going to change a lot of things we do in the coming years.

In immersive media, he introduced the newly established Intel Studios and announced Paramount Pictures* will be the first major Hollywood studio to explore this technology in tandem with Intel to see where this will lead for the next generation of visual storytelling.

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While the Tangle Lake chip is solving something completely different - the quantum computing challenge of working in extremely stable environments - it's also addressing what has remained the main objective for Intel when it comes to chipmaking: processing speed, and in the case of quantum computing, parallel processing speed, a "fundamental, scientific engineering challenge".

He ended that hard portion of his speech by promising that Intel would provide security patches all Intel chips built in the last five years. "That is why we built Intel Studios, which is the most advanced data-driven content creation studios", Mr. Krzanich said.

Krzanich sold 245,743 shares owned by him and 644,135 shares obtained by exercising his options, under a divestiture plan put in place on 30 October a year ago.

The CEO also demonstrated the Volocopter, a fully electric, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft designed for passenger transport.

He announced Intel is partnering with Ferrari North America to bring the power of AI to the Ferrari Challenge North America Series that will take place on six courses in the United States this year. The company will work with the event's rights-holders to capture 30 Olympic events and show them both live and on-demand through an NBC Sports VR app.

While the Winter Olympics in South Korea will be the first to get a full VR broadcast powered by this technology.

Intel has been busy over the past week making firmware updates available, and Krzanich said more than 90 percent of Intel processors will have an update available by the end of the week, with the remainder by the end of January.

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