Instagram is letting some users share their Stories on WhatsApp Status



The company also said that it is "always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you". Facebook Collaborative Stories are unlimited in the number of users and are specific to a group or event that has been created from a common interest.

Facebook-owned popular image and video sharing platform, Instagram might soon allow users to post their Instagram "Stories" directly to WhatsApp (also owned by Facebook) as their 'Status'. The new feature will be officially rolled out for all the users around the globe in a month or two. However, Facebook has said it has "not ruled out" a Facebook Story that can be cross-posted onto Instagram. According to reports, Facebook is now testing a similar thing between Instagram and WhatsApp. When this is done, any posts you share from Instagram to WhatsApp will show a small Instagram logo in the bottom right corner. Facebook has found a way to encourage user involvement with its new feature, Collaborative Stories. As mentioned, the feature is now under works and is available only to select users.

Social media giant Facebook is ruling the social space for a decade, and combined with Whatsapp and Instagram, the company has hardly any competition. They can choose to either allow posts from everyone and then delete posts that they don't like, or they can require the approval of each post before it is added to the Collaborative Story.

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The second reason is to increase the use of WhatsApp Status. Conversely, it also could spell one more way to destabilize Snapchat and potentially any other app that has any lesser infrastructure to keep your content getting seen by the people you know, whatever app they happen to be using.

Together, this could all help Facebook grow its overall engagement and traffic footprint.

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