How well would you do on the cognitive test President Trump took?

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Examining the White House physician's briefing on President Donald Trump's physical, I was alarmed - not about the president's health, but the doctor's.

Jackson said he is planning to increase Trump's medication and put him on a diet and exercise regimen, though he maintained that Trump's coronary health is superb.

And the clean bill of health he delivered was just what the president ordered.

Twitter took exception to Gupta's professional opinion. "He has incredible genes, I assume". The White House medical team chose the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), which was designed as a rapid screening tool for mild cognitive dysfunction - a loss of memory and clear thinking ability that sometimes precedes dementia.

According to Jackson, Trump's heart exam was normal, with regular rhythm and no abnormal sounds.

And not just his heart!

"He said, 'I want you to get out there and I want you to talk to them and I want you to answer every single question they have, '" Jackson said of Trump. Trump is "very sharp, and he's very articulate".

Sure, the guy could exercise and lose a few pounds.

Instead of doing deals with Congress, Trump spends his time assuring us how great he is. Jackson blamed himself, for prescribing Sudafed. The facts (yes, FACTS!) are that he was sued by the federal government for racial discrimination in refusing to sell apartments to blacks, called white supremacists fine people, campaigned to have five teens given the death penalty for a crime of which they were later exonerated, refused to accept former President Barack Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate, said Mexico exports murderers and rapists, said a federal judge was unable to do his job because he is of Mexican descent, and maligned immigrants from Africa and Haiti.

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While at Vanderbilt, Gattis served as Franklin's recruiting coordinator and he assists with special teams at Penn State. Alabama head coach Nick Saban didn't have to go very far to find his new offensive coordinator.

During his stay in Mar-a-Lago, the luxurious property in Palm Beach that President Donald Trump, fills it with imported foreign workers while removing compassionate immigrants from the country who work hard and respect the law, the president referred briefly to the insult - "Shithole Countries" - that has already spread around the world in many languages.

Where Dr. Harold Bornstein was shaggy and sensational, Jackson was all business, reading off test results in his blue and gold dress uniform.

Here we go again! Sen.

Trump's annual physical - conducted by Jackson last Friday at Walter Reed - only seemed to affirm the President's exercise beliefs.

Interview: 'I get exercise. What makes them trash their dignity? However, the CNN chief medical correspondent found Trump's coronary calcium score alarming, noting Jackson's data that shows in 2009, it was 34 and in 2018, it's 133. "And now that he is 6'3, trump will now claim he can dunk a basketball", a tweet stated. "30 out of 30".

It's not part of the usual battery of tests given a president and may reflect an outpouring of coverage and commentary questioning whether Trump is mentally fit for office. "So when you ask your questions please keep that in mind".

That, Lee speculates, could explain powerful sycophancy that overcomes those who get close to Trump. They need to step up and do what needs to be done, or they will be responsible for the consequences.

They might even come to believe that a sedentary 71-year-old with significant plaque in his coronary arteries, high cholesterol and borderline obesity is the very picture of health.

Thus, the newspaper The Washington Post installed a follower of lies tracker.

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