Govt does away with printing of last page of passport

The Indian Security Press Nasik will design the new passport in two different colours. File

The Indian Security Press Nasik will design the new passport in two different colours. File

Taking to Twitter, the Congress chief tweeted, "Treating India's migrant workers like second class citizens is completely unacceptable".

India has chose to do away with the last page of the passport that contains the names of the spouse, parents and address of the passport-holder while changing the colour of ECR passports, largely availed of by unskilled workers seeking employment overseas, the External Affairs Ministry said on Friday.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday announced the discontinuation of the last page of the passport booklet which contained details such as the passport holder's father, mother, address etc, and replaced it with coloured jackets.

The last page of the passport includes the father or legal guardian's name, the names of the holder's mother, spouse and their address.

"The existing passports would continue to remain valid till the date of expiry printed in the passport booklet", the spokesperson said. Since the last page will not be printed any longer, the passport will cease to serve as a proof of address. Reason behind specifying the address in last page is that this last page won't be there doesn't influence the passport office and the immigration department (or security organizations) since they have each of the details of the identification holder in the back-end.

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The report had been accepted, a foreign ministry spokesperson said.

As of now, passports are issued in three colours: white for government officers or to those people who visit other countries for the official work of the government; red for diplomats; and blue for all others across two categories - those who require emigration check (ECR) and those who do not (ECNR).

According to the ministry, the decision to do away with this page was taken in view of concerns expressed by single parents and those with adopted children about the requirement of details of parents in the passport. As of now, everyone except diplomatic and official passports, have blue covers.

Booklets with new orange jackets will be designed and printed at the Indian Security Press (ISP) in Nasik.

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