French President Macron proposes law to counter 'fake news'

Putin invites Macron to visit Russia

Macron: 2018 will be 'decisive' for Europe

After his election in May, Macron has had tensions with gala press and has also criticized Russian official media, openly accusing RT chain of spreading false information about him during campaign for last presidential election.

The 40-year-old announced plans to introduce a new law to combat the misinformation, which would see social media websites face tougher rules over what they put online.

'When fake news is spread, it will be possibleto go to a judge and if appropriate have content taken down, user accounts deleted and ultimately websites blocked'.

"We will develop our legal system to protect democracy from this fake news", he said, quoted by AFP.

France President Emmanuel Macron has called on Tehran to exercise restraint in dealing with anti-government protests, while his Iranian counterpart called on Paris to crackdown on opposition groups.

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The new law would require that websites reveal their financial backers. In addition, the CSA, the French government's media watchdog, would be empowered to fight against "any attempt at destabilization" by television stations controlled or influenced by foreign states.

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to rapidly push through economic and political changes in France over the coming months and said he would seek to jolt Europe into reforming too.

"Platforms will have more transparency obligations regarding sponsored content to make public the identity of sponsors and of those who control them, but also limits on the amounts that can be used to sponsor this content". "During elections, the rules that apply to the content will not be exactly the same", said Macron.

Controversy between Ankara and Paris about the state of freedom of expression and jailed journalists in Turkey dominated the agenda ahead of the meeting, after Macron voiced concerns about the issue and said he would raise it with Erdoğan.

Macron made the announcement during a new year's speech for the press.

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