Father of Sonic joins Square Enix to work on new game

Yuji Naka

Sonic the Hedgehog Creator Joins Square Enix

Acclaimed game designer Yuji Naka says he's joined Square Enix in an unspecified development role. It is uncertain what will happen to Prope after this, but the wording of the message suggests that Naka has joined Square Enix on its own, instead of being a collaboration of both companies.

Naka's announcement on Twitter did not name any specific project he was working on or what title he will hold at Square Enix.

Naka-san is mostly known as the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, but his resume goes far beyond the blue anthropomorphic critter's games. Set your comments to "speculate".

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"Just a quick note to let you know, I joined Square Enix in January", Naka wrote. He did mention that he is aiming "to develop an enjoyable game", and told fans to "please look forward to it".

Yuji Naka was also the head of Sonic Team until 2006 where he led development on just about every major Sonic title to that point. Either way, we'll be doing as Naka requests and looking forward to it. The studio has released a few titles since then, including the now before-its-time Let's Tap and a few Digimon titles, but Prope's productions haven't garnered the same acclaim as Naka's work with Sega. "Right now I don't have to make Sonic anymore, so I'm enjoying that freedom a lot". "I understand the importance of action".

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