Even Eyelashes Freeze as Russia Sees Temperatures Hit Minus 67 C

Jan. 14 2018 Anastasia Gruzdeva left poses for selfie with her friends as the temperature dropped to about-50 degrees in Yakutsk Russia. Temperatures in the remote diamond-rich Russian region

Thermometer Breaks After Temperature Plunges to -79 Degrees in Siberia

But then it broke - because it was too cold!

As Yakutian journalist Elena Pototskaya said: 'Today at the Pole of Cold in Oymyakon - in 65-degree frost - Chinese tourists swim in ice-free spring Yeyemu.

Temperatures reached -67 degrees Celsius in the remote Yakutia region in Russian Federation on Tuesday (Jan 16), the Associated Press (AP) reported.

But some media outlets published cold-weather selfies and stories about stunts in the extreme cold.

Anastasia Gruzdeva poses for selfie as the temperature dropped to about -60 degrees Fahrenheit, Jan. 14, 2018, in Yakutsk, Russia.

The cold did have serious repercussions.

Jan. 14 2018 Anastasia Gruzdeva poses for selfie as the Temperature dropped to about-50 degrees in Yakutsk Russia. Temperatures in the remote diamond-rich Russian region of Yakutia have dropped
WATCH: It's -62°C in this Russian region, even people's eyelashes are freezing

Over the weekend, two men froze to death when they tried to walk to a nearby farm after their auto broke down. And although students routinely go to school when it's 40 below, school was canceled throughout the region this week. The remote region is about 3,300 miles east of Moscow.

It was on Tuesday when the press office of Yakutia's governor outlined that there was need for the large number of businesses in the region to be well equipped in terms of setting in place backup power generators not forgetting a working central heating.

Imagine swimming in freezing temperatures in the coldest village on Earth.

Named after the Oymyakon River, which means "unfrozen patch of water" or "place where fish spend the winter", the town is home to 500 residents that are unfazed by the cold in a place where the ground is permanently frozen, The UK Independent reported.

According to NASA, the lowest temperature ever recorded was -133.6 Fahrenheit, in a hollow in Antarctica in August 2010. Temperatures reached minus 67 degrees Celsius in the Siberian region of Yakutia.

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