Doctors warn parents about unsafe new 'Tide Pod challenge'

Doctors and parents are concerned about a social media joke about eating Tide Pods has become reality. KTNV

Doctors and parents are concerned about a social media joke about eating Tide Pods has become reality. KTNV

"I don't regret it", he said. But beyond that, experts say the pods pose another risk.

'No one should be putting anything like that in their mouths, you know?' The "challenge" is to bite or eat the pod.

Ann Marie Buerkle, Chairperson of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, told Good Morning America: "Teens trying to be amusing are now putting themselves in danger by ingesting this poisonous substance".

In 2017, through December 31, poison centers received reports of 10,570 exposures to highly concentrated packets of laundry detergent by children 5 and younger.

Following reports of this social media trend, they have stepped out to warn the public about the dangers of such acts.

Online pranksters and daredevils have been messing with laundry detergent for years. Manufacturers have been concerned about toddlers mistakenly ingesting them, but now teens are popping them on objective and posting videos of the results online, reports CBS News correspondent Anna Werner.

The trend started out as a joke, as the laundry pods look nearly like candy due to their colors. We found videos on YouTube and Facebook from as far back as 2012 and 2013 that involved squeezing the pods until they burst.

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The laundry pod challenge or "Tide pod" meme shows teens consuming laundry pods like they would normal food.

Tide's parent company, Procter and Gamble, reiterated that laundry pods are meant only to clean clothes.

Even though most videos show teens spitting out the deadly chemicals, doctors said the damage is still done. The lure of Tide Pods, which look nearly like candy, broke into satirical conversations as early as 2015 when The Onion published column from the perspective of a child who wanted to eat a blue and red detergent pod.

In College Humor's Don't Eat The Laundry Pods video, viewers see a college student tempted to eat Tide Pods.

Vlogger Drew Philips actually went shopping for pods and filmed himself actually cooking and making salad with them (it was a joke, but still).

Indeed, 2018 is a very odd year already, and it's only January.

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