Death toll from California mudslides climbs to 18

California mudslide death toll rises to 19

Death toll from California mudslides rises to 19

Officials said a clerical mistake led to the figure of 48 being released.

Earlier, mudslides and flooding have swept away a hundred homes in Santa Barbara County's Montecito area and prompted the evacuation of 21,000 people across Southern California.

She did take a look around outside to see just what the driving rainstorm had wrought as it triggered mudslides on hillsides laid bare by one of the largest wildfires in state history just last month.

Finally, many Montecito residents ignored the initial warnings. A huge police presence keeps out both residents and looters. But with gas and power expected to be shut off Saturday, she said she would heed the order to leave. Almost 30 miles of the highway were shut down at point.

Evacuee Hannah Troy has spent three days at the Red Cross shelter in nearby Santa Barbara. On Friday her family spoke with Mexican officials about bringing her body back.

"While every hour it remains less likely that we will find anyone alive, there is always hope", the sheriff said. Best to give workers a chance to clear the roads up, she said.

McDonald was still at home in her retirement community of Casa Dorinda on Thursday, adding there was no point in leaving now because she needs oxygen that is hard to transport to a hotel.

For others, the grim reality was just beginning as workmen dug through the debris.

Firefighters who fought deadly wildfires in the area in December are now searching flattened homes across Santa Barbara County for mudslide survivors. "He said so many times that after his passing, 'Make sure everyone prays for my soul.' We will, Roy!" "You have to start accepting the reality of that".

Two of the victims were killed when their houses were swept away in the mudslides. He died with his wife of more than 50 years, Alice. Her parents had a dog - Gigi, a small white poodle - who had not been found. Gigi was a rescue dog the couple had taken in a year earlier, and the dog followed them everywhere, Clay Weimer said.

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At the beginning of the clip, the 45-year-old is seen yelling at the driver of a vehicle going up the street to turn around because a flash flood was coming down the hill. None of the adult dead shared their last names.

The death toll in the Montecito, California, mudslides has risen by one to 19 and the number of remaining missing has decreased to five.

"There are families missing, there are people who are missing family members", DeGeneres said. Some streets suffered no damage.

"Auto and pedestrian traffic in the exclusionary zone has reached a point that it is seriously impacting the ability of search and rescue, public works, other first responders and fix crews to clear roadways and to engage in search and rescue, fix and damage-assessment operations", he said.

About 10,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders.

The sloping nature of the local coastal plain also helped carry walls of mud and rubble for miles, all the way to coastal Highway 101. Rivers of mud and boulders have flooded neighborhoods in and around the town of Montecito. "It's not like anybody came around and told them to leave".

"He fixed my hand after a camping accident in 2012, two weeks before my wedding", David Iglesias the KSBY television station. "What would we have done with the animals?"

She said her uncle will need money to replace his home and possessions - and to bury his partner.

Interjected her husband with a smile: "And if it gets bad, we've got all those chickens".

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