CES: TPCAST To Provide Wireless WMR Support

TPCAST Announces Support for Windows MR HMD with Universal Wireless VR Module

TPCAST Unveils the “TPCAST Plus,” a Comprehensive Upgrade of its Commercial Wireless VR Technology

There are now dual mics and dual cameras up-front for developers to make merry of and also there's a redesigned headstrap for more comfortable viewing.

HTC Vive Adapter was unveiled together with Vive Pro. The said Pro version will have a pixel count of almost 80 percent higher than the core model, making the resolution 1,440 x 1,600 per panel (2,880 x 1,600 combined), which is quite a step up from the default 1,080 x 1,200 (2,160 x 1,200 together) of the standard model. Headset HTC Vive virtual Pro is an improved version of the familiar slam of the HTC Vive, which has been modified by the manufacturer in three major areas.

Despite the increased resolution putting extra demands on the wireless bandwidth, the newly announced cable-free module that's due to ship after the summer will still work with the Vive Pro. At CES 2018, the company updated their VIVE VR headset by announcing a Pro version. "At this year's CES, it felt like a smithy unveiling a new range of instruments". The new adapter supports automatic restart, wireless interference reduction, and automatic wireless channel detection that substantially improves the stability of the Wireless VR connectivity.

HTC's original Vive headset first launched nearly a couple of years ago, and VR headsets, particularly on the higher-end, have come a long way since then.

The next generation of headsets might include even more advanced technologies like eye-tracking, which could allow ultra high resolution rendering of graphics at the exact point on the screen where users are looking. Some expectations go as far ahead as 2019, but in the meantime, the Wireless Adaptor is expected to launch sometime during the third quarter of 2018.

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He continued: "Like many people in the industry, we see VR complementing AR [augmented reality] in terms of being part of an expanded immersive technological revolution; innovations in VR complement AR in terms of development and reach". HTC showed me the same virtual landscape on a Vive and Vive Pro, and let me compare the experiences.

I also played Doom VFR with a Vive using the Vive Wireless Adaptor.

The tech company also showed off the Vive Wireless Adapter, which is created to work with both the Vive and Vive Pro. The Vive Pro impressed me with its sharpness, and now stands as the most crisp VR experience I've tried.

HTC isn't sharing pricing or availability specifics for the Vive Pro yet, but, you can expect it to cost a bomb on arrival.

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