Bigg Boss 11: Why 'mastermind' Vikas Gupta can be the victor

Vikas City Task

Salman Yusuf Khan choreographs 'Bigg Boss 11' finale acts

The Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain actress is followed by Hina Khan, who is behind her by just a handful of votes. Vikas tells Puneesh and Shilpa to not say this to Hina. Vikas then ordered Hina to break his own bracelet, thinking she will never do that, give up and press the buzzer.

We know that Shilpa is leading with a huge margin and is a favourite to win the show, but Monisha thinks otherwise as she feels it will be Hina, who will take home the trophy. As the viewers know, the last task of the show, Vikas City continued in the recent episode. "Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma are out of the Race for now".

Furthermore, Vikas got his own family picture and asked Hina to spoil it by repeatedly stamping on it. Hina lost her cool and lashed out at Vikas and said, "I can not believe that you would stoop to such lows for a task". Soon as the game begins, Shilpa is ordered by Vikas to jump in the swimming pool. Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are getting nearly same number of Votes, Though Shilpa is leading but By very small margin.

The finale episode will take place on Sunday, January 14, and will surely be a grand and entertaining one.

Vikas Orders Shilpa & Hina
Bigg Boss 11, Episode 103, 12 January 2018: Shilpa, Hina, Vikas, Puneesh get emotional about show ending

Later, Vikas asks Hina to empty her coffee bottle which was gifted by her family.

Later, Hina and Vikas argue with each other. Hina reminded Vikas that she did not put her foot on the photo and he can not cry about it later as he was the one who asked her to do it. Hina tells him that he stooped to another level by asking her to do it. Shilpa tells Hina that if she cared so much, she should have pressed the buzzer and quit the task and the latter questions that why she would do it. To prove to Shilpa Shinde that she can't cook, Hina Khan entered the kitchen to fix a meal for herself.

Bigg Boss 11 is nearing its finale. Vikas and Shilpa are together in the garden area and Vikas tells her about the personal relationships formed with he being someone's Vikas bhai and Shilpa became maa to Arshi and Akash. Will the same make her the victor of Bigg Boss 11?

It seems the contestants are going to miss the house once they are out of it, but before that they will have to hold their nerves during the grand finale.

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