Balloon World Competitive Mini-Game

Super Mario Odyssey Getting Free Update in February With New Outfits and Luigi's Balloon World Mode

Super Mario Odyssey DLC finally brings back Luigi

It seemed like an aggressively taunting move of Nintendo (on par with Twitter using Waluigi as an example offender), offering a glimpse of the goods while holding off on the real deal.

In "Hide It", you have 30 seconds from Luigi's spawned spot in each Kingdom to hide a balloon in the most hard spot you can think. The update will also feature new filters for photo mode.

Super Mario Odyssey is finally allowing Luigi out of the basement in Luigi's Balloon World mode, a new mode with two competitive options: Hide It, and Find It. In the latter, the player has 30 seconds to find balloons hidden by players from around the world.

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Engineers said the service is free for a trial period, after which owners will have to pay for the connection through a provider. The rear liftgate is also a new stamping, and features a gloss black center panel that's likely charm some and repulse others.

This is the first major update to Super Mario Odyssey, and while it doesn't introduce a substantial amount of new content, it will certainly tide over players until more expansive DLC is released for it.

Not only that but new SnapShot tools will be added as well as new outfits, including one based on Super Mario Sunshine's shades and shirt combo.

Super Mario Odyssey's free update comes in February 2018. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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