Android 8.1 Will Show the Connection Speed of Public Wi-Fi Networks

Android 8.1 Will Show the Connection Speed of Public Wi-Fi Networks

Google rolling out speed ratings for public Wi-Fi networks in Android 8.1

Based on these labels, users would be able to decide if they wanted to connect to the open network. Today, after a bit of a delay, that feature finally started rolling out to users. This feature will give you speed estimates of public Wi-Fi hotspots. Accompanying the tweet is a GIF showing the network speed labels at work (see below).

If for some reason you prefer not to see those labels, you can also turn them off from the Settings app under Network & Internet  Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Preferences  AdvancedNetwork rating provider and set it to "None".

OK: You can read webpages, use social media, and stream music.

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With "Very Fast", you should be able to watch high-definition video from the likes of HBO Now and Netflix; and with "OK", you should be able to do relatively simple internet tasks along the line of checking Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, the speed of your Wi-Fi connection can determine the capabilities you have with your phone.

It won't tell you the exact speed of the network, and it will only show your 4 different speed labels, Very Fast, Fast, OK, or Slow, depending on the performance of a network.

Free public Wi-Fi is becoming ubiquitous (and sometimes dangerous) that there might be more than a handful to choose from at any given time. Are you ever concerned about the speed of public networks?

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