'Airline poo' falls on India village causing confusion

Indian Village Struck By Plummeting 12 Kilo Frozen Turd Meteor

By Ben Mc Leay

Senior official from Gurgaon Vivek Kalia, who inspected the ice ball, told the Times of India: "The heavy mass of ice, which is not associated with any type of rainy weather, suggests there is a possibility it might have fallen as frozen toilet water coming out from some aircraft lavatory".

A farmer from the village, Rajbir Yadav, reportedly thought a "very large rock" had crashed into the ground and disintegrated when he first saw the blue ice.

Locals rushed to take samples of a huge chunk of ice that fell on their village in India "with a big thud", believing it was an extra-terrestrial object.

The excrement likely fell from a plane's toilet mid-air as aeroplanes store human waste in custom-made tanks that are emptied once the plane lands.

"Still, we are sending it to the forensic lab to know what exactly it is".

"Some villagers thought it was an extra-terrestrial object". Some villagers even took pieces of the rock home and refrigerated it.

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Some people snuck pieces of it into their clothes and put it in their fridge, the Times of India reported.

In 2016, a 60-year old woman was injured after a football sized chunk of ice fell on her from the sky, believed to have come from a leaking plane toilet.

A newspaper said that she may have been hit by frozen airline waste.

Modern aircraft cruise at high altitudes and freezing cold temperatures can cause liquids and human waste to freeze.

The gift from the sky was determined to be blue ice, a mixture of chemicals and human waste collected by an airplane bathroom.

The British Civil Aviation Authority estimates that out of 2.5 million flights over United Kingdom airspace every year, there are 25 "blue ice" falls.

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