Agni-5 missile test launch poses fresh worry for China

India test-fires nuclear-capable ICBM Agni-V

India Tested An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

"With a range of "easily more than 5,500 km" [3,400 miles], the Agni-V clearly confers upon India the ability to hold all of China's Eastern Seaboard cities at risk from Peninsular India", the journal said.

It was sacked from a small island Thursday morning and will face one more test later this year before becoming fully operational, the Times of India reported.

The country's fire power and defence capabilities will get a major boost with the success of five consecutive missions, said S Christopher, Chairman, DRDO and Secretary, DDR&D, under the Ministry of Defence. This comes a day after the fifth consecutively successful launch of the inter-continental ballistic missile that has a range of almost 5000 kilometres. Agni 5 has been made by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

"India, of course, wants a credible strategic deterrent against an aggressive and expansionist China, which has a large arsenal of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles", the Times of India wrote.

Once inducted, India will join an elite league of nations such as the US, UK, Russia, China and France. He also worked for the State Department as a nuclear weapons, space and technology specialist, in addition to serving in other posts.

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On Thursday, in its first pre-induction trial conducted by the SFC, the 17-metre Agni-V was launched from a canister atop the road-mobile launcher from Dr Abdul Kalam Island off Odisha.

Describing the trial as "fully successful", the sources said, the sophisticated missile travelled for 19 minutes and covered 4,900 km.

The 17.5-meter-long, surface-to-surface missile which has been domestically developed, is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead of about 1.5 tons and is crucial in India's efforts to develop an effective nuclear deterrence, according to defense analysts.

And more than seven decades after the Partition that separated Pakistan from India, relations between them have been little friendlier.

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