The next big thing coming to the iPhone? Reversible emoji

Unicode consortium announces new Emoji 11.0 Beta list – final list could be approved in January

New Emoji List for 2018 Includes Cupcake, Redheads, Teddy Bear, and More [Photos]

Next year, iOS devices could boast reversible emoji and many others.

They are listed as "man, red haired", "woman, red haired", "man, curly haired" and "woman, curly haired", and can be moderated in five differing skin tones and the original yellow.

According to a report from Emojipedia, the Unicode Consortium has officially released the 2018 emoji candidate list in beta.

While there's no guarantee they will definitely make it through into the final release, the final decision on which characters make the cut will be made at the Unicode Technical Meeting in January, Mark Davis, president of the Unicode Consortium, confirmed.

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The brains behind the emoji you use on your phone have announced new plans to let you be able to swap the direction each one is facing, with the feature possibly launching at some point in 2018. Apparently, more than 130 emojis were in the race for a place in the final version and some of them included cupcake, woman/man red-haired, teddy bear, swan, mango, party face and softball.

Also possibly coming is the option for developers to offer a direction for emoji, so you can have the gun, auto or even train emoji switched around the other way. The full list of emoji candidates can be seen here. New emoji sequences, which are used for variations on a single emoji (like the skin tone variations), were added as well, giving the superhero and supervillain two gender options, skin tone options for leg and foot and 48 new sequences for man and woman, which include skin tone variations and hairstyle options.

New icons that come in the beta include a lobster, partying face, a badger, pirate flag and the infinity symbol.

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