Taylor Swift still waiting for her dollar

NewsTaylor Swift's rare interview about her sexual assault

NewsTaylor Swift's rare interview about her sexual assault

The magazine named the Reputation singer as one of their 2017 "Silence Breakers", along with Ashley Judd, Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu, and Isabel Pascual - all women from very different backgrounds who, like countless others, experienced sexual harassment or assault.

The jury came back with a guilty verdict after Taylor counter sued him for the symbolic sum.

Swift told Time she became angry as she watched Mueller's attorney "bully, badger and harass" her mother, who felt so "physically ill" after a cross-examination that she couldn't return to court when her daughter took the stand.

In her statement to the court, Taylor said the man who assaulted her had not given her the dollar owed to her, which "is an act of defiance in itself". He then sued her for millions, so she filed a countersuit for a symbolic one dollar, which she won. She broke her silence in more ways than one and for that, we applaud her. The reason? Swift claimed that he "grabbed her a*s" while posing for a photo.

And now she appears, along with four other women, on the cover of Time magazine's Person of the Year issue.

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He should have known better than to mess with her!

She told Time that she thinks the fearless women and men who speak up about their abuse have moved the needle, but it still has a long way to go. She said that she was told afterwards that her testimony was the most times the word "ass" had been used in a Colorado court.

Portions of her testimony quickly went viral, with many praising Swift for her courage in court as she refused to give any ground to Mueller's legal team. You might be made to feel like you're overreacting, because society has made this stuff seem so casual. Why should I be polite?

I would tell people who find themselves in this situation that there is a great deal of blame placed on the victims in cases of sexual harassment and assault.

David Mueller previously sued the "Look What You Made Me Do" hitmaker for claiming she had falsely accused him of touching her during a meet-and-greet, but she countersued and a federal jury found in the 27-year-old pop star's favour in August, and the disgraced presenter was ordered her to pay the symbolic amount. "You could be blamed for the fact that it happened, for reporting it and blamed for how you reacted", she said.

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