Taggart takes over as FSU coach, the job he always wanted

Willie Taggart introduced as FSU's new football coach

Many students disappointed Willie Taggart is leaving the Ducks

And during that time, Taggart was out recruiting on behalf of OR while responding to inquiries about his status with the Ducks next season by asking why he wouldn't be the team's coach in 2018.

She said it's about time her son made his way back down to Florida. "I know this is hard for him, hard for my family, moving once again".

"To tell you the truth, I had the feeling already, and then seeing all the publicity and stuff", James said. Taggart talked extensively about being closer to home, and he mentioned his late father, saying, "I feel like I'm here now because of my dad, he put the word in to the good Lord, please get my son be closer to home and closer to his mom".

Taggart said Florida State gauged his interest Thursday, a day before Fisher resigned to sign the richest contract in college football history - a 10-year, $75 million deal with Texas A&M.

"I kind of think, like [Coach Taggart] told me, it was like a no-brainer to come to Florida State", Thrasher said, to loud applause and laughter. On Monday night, after making an appearance at FSU's men's basketball game against Loyola, Taggart was already heading out on the recruiting trail.

Taggart agreed to a six-year deal that will pay him $5 million annually.

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Fast-forward to Wednesday's presser for Taggart. And Florida State will pay his $3 million buyout to OR, along with more than $1.3 million still owed to USF for his departure to OR a year ago.

As Mullens began his second coaching search in less than a full calendar year, players and members of the touted but eroding 2018 recruiting class lobbied for Oregon's assistants to be retained.

Oregon's class, which was ranked No. 1 by Scout before Taggart was courted by Florida State, has slipped to No. 9 with four prospects decommitting. "We need to put a fence around the state of Florida and try to keep our best players here". "Excuse my language but we were a bunch of bad asses back in the days". I wanted to come up and play here, but I wasn't good enough.

"It was really nice walking onto the field this morning, and walking to the 50-yard line, like, 'Yes, I made it.' " Taggart said.

"So it was surreal. I'm glad to represent this great university, and I can't wait to get started". "It's going to be fun".

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