Shazam! Casts IT Actor as DC Comics' Captain Marvel Jr

Jack Dylan Grazer who starred in the horror film IT has joined the Shazam! movie

IT Star Jack Dylan Grazer Joins the Shazam! Movie

Jack Dylan Grazer, who played Losers Club member Edward "Eddie" Kaspbrak in the 2017 Stephen King adaptation of It, is lining up his next project, one that will seem him join the superhero genre.

DC's Shazam is continuing to gain momentum on the road to filming, as a major casting has been announced. Without Black Adam, the most well known villain for the hero, there aren't many villains left for Shazam to tussle with. He'll join Zachary Levi (Thor films, Chuck, Tangled), who will play "world's mightiest mortal", and and Asher Angel, who will play Billy Batson in DC adaptation. But if we're pulling from the comics here, Dylan Grazer's character will likely be Freddy Freeman, a character who has some pretty wild adventures, encounters and origin stories as a junior superhero in his own right over the years. Freddy is the only person who knows the truth about Shazam. No further details were available.

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Unlike Billy Batson, Freddy stays a boy when he transforms instead of becoming an adult. While fishing with his grandfather Jacob, the Freemans go from innocent bystanders to victims of this battle with Jacob dying in the aftermath. Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke wrote the script for Shazam!

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