Police investigate burglary at R. Kelly's Atlanta homes

Cops: R. Kelly's Atlanta Homes Ransacked by Associate While He Was on Tour

R. Kelly Burglars Empty ATL Homes ... Cops ID a Suspect

They told police they were hired by Alfonso Walker, one of R. Kelly's associates, to sell everything inside the home because he planned on permanently moving to Chicago.

According to the police report obtained by the local Atlanta news station, the housekeeper arrived to clean Kelly's home on Old Homestead Trail on November 27 only to find an nearly empty house.

Police are looking for a suspect after R. Kelly's homes in the Atlanta suburbs were ransacked.

Johns Creek Police Captain Chris Byers said items the thieves absconded with include several televisions, couches, tables, chairs, and a diamond-encrusted hoodie. However, their sources say detectives ended up catching three men leaving one of Kellz houses in a van and were later brought in for questioning. After being granted a search warrant for Walker's home, law enforcement found some of Kelly's property there.

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When police arrived, they blocked the truck in. He's facing a number of charges, including burglary and theft by deception.

Neighbors say they saw suspicious trucks and cars at the homes for about a week. They told Petchenik that they didn't know Kelly even lived at either residence.

The suspect, Alonso Walker, who Petchenik described as an "associate" of Kelly's, is now on the run from the law after missing a December 5 appointment to turn himself in on theft charges.

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