PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Second Map Named and Detailed

Image of the new weapon Win94

Image of the new weapon Win94

"Miramar" has a desert setting meant to serve as the opposite of its first map Erangel which was set in the forest.

Alongside the recently announced retro-pickup truck arriving with the desert themed map for Bluehole Studios' massively popular title, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the studio has also announced that there will be a new gun arriving with the vast world.

Also, the developers provided descriptions for some of the towns in Miramar. Valle Del Mar is located near the coast and is home to a church, a school and of course, a bridge going in and out of it.

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Well known for it's rail yard, players in La Cobreria will find themselves fighting in and around cargo containers. It will be quite barren, so looting nearby campuses is a must before attempting to control this location. Checkpoints and barriers have transformed this once-quiet small town into a war zone. It's supposed to showcase more arcade-based features, but it's largely related to vanilla PUBG. Aggressive players will immediately loot the Arena and Casino, but savvy players should check out the 4 story hotels between them. This is the "husk" of Miramar's textile industry.

The jetski will be playable on both the main Erangel map and the upcoming new Miramar desert map (as reported by VideoGamer). Long abandoned factories overlook a main road lined with residential and commercial buildings.

After months of teases, PlayerUnknown's Batteground's second map has finally been fully revealed. Hopefully in the future, new maps can release at a slightly faster rate. As of right now, you can only take a five-seater boat with you throughout the island of Erangel, taking up quite a bit of visual space for as small a PUBG crew as a single player.

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