Play The Division for free on Xbox One this weekend

The Division Details Update 1.8 All DLC Free This Weekend

The Division Details Update 1.8; All DLC Free This Weekend

Two days after the update goes live, a free weekend will get underway, giving everyone access to the full game on all platforms.

Starting December 6, the game and all of its three expansions will also be discounted up to 70% off on the Microsoft Store. Players who have downloaded the free trial before December 7th will see trial restrictions lifted until the end of the free weekend. The season pass content includes the released expansions Underground, Survival and Last Stand. "Gold" and standard editions of The Division will be on sale through Uplay too (the announcement doesn't state by how much).

The Division update introduce "Resistance" to the PS4, Xbox One and PC version, which expands the game's current map with an area called the West Side Pier. Resistance is a horde-like mode where four players can take down waves of enemy factions from Manhatten, with players receiving different rewards depending on how long they are able to survive for. Using cooperative tactics is strongly encouraged, as is using the resources dropped by enemies to set up defenses or extend the battlefield.

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The two new game modes that arrive with the Resistance update is also situated in this new region, them being Skirmish and Resistance. Pretty straightforward rules here. Now it's this week, and Ubisoft says that it will in fact be out tomorrow, and that a free weekend will kick off a couple of days later.

Skirmish (PvP mode) - In Skirmish, two teams of four players compete against each other to get the highest number of kills before the time expires.

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