May to reconvene Brexit talks with European Union this week

Europe open: Stocks climb as May flies to Brussels for Brexit talks

Sterling rebounds with UK to 'concede' on single market

For anyone who slept through Monday, the deadline set by the EU27 for the United Kingdom to make "sufficient progress" on the three key article 50 issues - the financial settlement, citizens' rights and the Irish border - in order to move on to phase two of the Brexit talks passed - and in fairly dramatic fashion.

"In the final stretch of these complex negotiations, the prime minister is on a razor edge", he writes, and wonders whether Mrs May's latest concession to Brussels might now "unpin the Brexit hand grenade in the UK" and "ignite Belfast, and then Edinburgh and Cardiff" in revolt against her planned deal. If they have had enough time, they could acknowledge sufficient progress and endorse the trade negotiating guidelines, including proposed terms for a two-year, status-quo transition period.

So what happened? After a weekend of frantic last-minute negotiations, Ireland, the EU27 and the British government had all signed up to an agreement - or at least, a form of words - that they all thought would be signed off on Monday.

And he said reports that Mrs May was ready to allow a role for the European Court of Justice in overseeing EU citizens' rights in post-Brexit Britain were "utterly unacceptable".

Leaders of mainland regions Scotland, Wales and London leapt on the deal to demand similar freedom to perhaps remain in the EU customs union or single market, giving May a new headache.

President of the European Council Donald Tusk speaks during a press conference at Government buildings in Dublin, Ireland, December 1, 2017.

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Mr Feeney was unable to locate documents to support his assertion that he had relinquished United Kingdom citizenship. Dual nationals are not allowed to stand for parliament in Australia.

Britain and the European Union failed to strike a Brexit divorce deal after a dispute over the Irish border scuppered talks in Brussels on Monday (Tuesday in Manila), but both said they were confident of reaching an agreement later this week. "But it is possible to do that today", Coveney told Irish state broadcaster RTE.

And May also faces potential obstacles from Northern Ireland's Democratic Party, whose 10 Westminster lawmakers are propping up her minority government and who will oppose any special treatment for Northern Ireland.

Euroskeptics in Britain's ruling Conservative Party are finally coming to terms with the realities of Brexit.

While May has promised to end the ECJ's authority in the United Kingdom, she has alluded that its remit might continue in some capacity during an "implementation period" past March 2019. The EU must deem there to be "sufficient progress" in all three areas of contention for Brexit talks to move onto the next phase in December.

It could not have looked better for Theresa May as she headed for Brussels yesterday.

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