Jimmy Kimmel's son has 'successful heart surgery'

Jimmy Kimmel and son Billy

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Jimmy Kimmel is away from his ABC show this week after his son underwent surgery, and guest hosts are filling in.

Although the second procedure was scheduled to occur in October when Billy reached 6 months old, the operation was postponed as a precaution when he caught a cold.

Following the successful surgery, Kimmel revealed that his son would still need to undergo two more surgeries in the future.

Jimmy Kimmel is taking the week off... and getting some help from his A-list friends.

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During his opening monologue, Pratt admitted that he's nervous about being Kimmel's replacement. Stapleton and Pratt go for broke with their own performance, with the actor beginning the song and Stapleton roaring in.

Pratt was game, starting out a bit wobbly on the first verse before Stapleton came in blazing, his soulful wail lifting the otherwise sub-karaoke bit high into the air. The Suicide Squad star also shared that she worked at a local bar at the age of 14. Robbie said that it wasn't, but for some reason, she managed to get away with it.

Neil Patrick Harris steps in to host on Wednesday, welcoming guests Vanessa Kirby (The Crown's Princess Margaret) and animal handler Jules Sylvester.

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