Instagram updating profiles with new Stories features, Archive and Highlights

Instagram Stories Stories Hghlights Stories Archive new features how to use

Instagram Stories Highlights will help users build highlights from Stories that they’ve shared

While Instagram wasn't the first social network to introduce Stories to the world, it has definitely doubled down on the feature, and Stories has quickly become one of the most popular parts of the service.

The site has launched two new features: Stories Highlights and Stories Archive. Previously, messages posted to Stories disappeared forever after a day. Facebook is looking for new ways to compete with Snap Inc.'s Snapchat. And in case you were wondering: yes, unless you choose to opt out of using Archive, every single Story you make will be automatically added to your Archive.

You can now archive your Instagram Stories.

And for good reason - part of the company's reasoning behind Stories in the first place (besides competing with Snapchat, that is) was that users were so exacting about what was on their profile that they weren't posting almost as often as Instagram wanted.

Instagram Stories Stories Hghlights Stories Archive new features how to use
Instagram Stories Archive automatically saves Stories that expire to user’s archive

The new update seeks to address those problems by allowing people to hold onto their stories once they are posted. To access them, press the Archive icon on your profile (that clock button that the top right side of the screen). On your profile there is an Archive button that will show you your post archive and allow you to switch to your Stories Archive.

As mentioned above, Instagram is also getting a Stories Archive feature. Together they alter how profiles look and work, in a dramatic redesign apparently intended on making stories more useful.

Stories Highlights will enable more customization and self-expression on profiles than ever before - whether sharing the best moments with your dog, your recent family vacation, or a collection of your silliest selfies.

Do you think you'll use these new Stories features? Unlike traditional stories, highlights don't disappear after 24 hours, they only go away after you delete them. Users will receive a notification when Stories Archives kicks in, letting them opt out of the feature.

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