Ingress Prime launching in 2018 with redesigned UI and new storyline

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							Warframe A success story built on player respect

GamesBeat Latest Warframe A success story built on player respect

"When Ingress first launched five years ago, we helped create a new genre of games that foster exploration, discovery, friendship and exercise", said John Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic, Inc in a statement. Ingress Prime will build upon the foundation of the sci-fi mobile AR experience, which has been downloaded more than 20 million times and hosted hundreds of thousands of players at more than 2,000 real world events around the world since its launch in 2012.

You can still check it out even if you didn't play the original, as a tutorial will be available for new users.

According to Niantic CEO John Hanke, Pokemon Go stole focus away from Ingress once the game went big; now that time has passed, the team is now ready to reward players of the Ingress community by offering "a modern, attractive version of the game".

Last July, Niantic exploded on to the scene with Pokemon Go.

But despite all the success, Niantic has never forgotten about Ingress. The change does not only mean taking advantage of the more advanced features of the new technologies, but also a more secure environment against cheaters.

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In addition, an anime series set in the Ingress world is being developed. The game will feature a new look with a redesigned user interface, new sound design, and a new storyline.

It was a very spartan crew that did the first version of Ingress.

There's a very dramatic trailer for the game below. "But we're really happy to be able to bring in some really talented artists and designers into the project, and really just give people a modern, attractive version of the game".

In Ingress' fiction, the world is filled with portals - often tied to art and other points of interest - which offer a link to a mysterious extra-dimensional energy source, XM. It was a hit game in its own right and managed to develop quite a significant fan base, though those numbers inevitably dwindled down once the studio shifted its focus toward newer titles.

Niantic is giving "Ingress" a complete makeover next year.

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