Google's New Search Feature Will Make Asking Questions So Much More Fun

For some reason, Google wants lots of celebrities to record selfie videos

Some Google searches are now answered by selfie videos from celebrities

After the video for your question finishes, other question and answer videos will automatically play. Specifically, queries about celebrities that have been answered by the stars themselves.

If you are a fan of "Bajirao Mastani" fame, then you must have thought, what is Priyanka's favourite food, what does she like to eat as the cheat food, who is Priyanka's celebrity crush or who is the most talented actor according to Miss Chopra either in Hollywood or Bollywood. The new feature will display search results in selfie videos style and not the usual text format. Google announced the roll out of the feature via a blog post on Thursday. This new category of results are called "Answered on Google" with the question listed below the video with an accompanying tag of the question's category, including Most asked on Google, Trending, and Google Fan. From the sound of it, Google may been inspired by Wired's new video series that asks celebrities to answer commonly Googled questions about themselves. It's unclear just how many questions each celebrity answered.

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In the past, Google has offered up videos as the top result. It has videos from movie stars like Will Ferrell, James Franco, Mark Wahlberg, and Priyanka Chopra, TV stars like Tracee Ellis Ross, Gina Rodrigues, Kenan Thompson, Allison Williams, and Seth MacFarlane, and others like Nick Jonas, Jonathan Yeo, and Dominique Ansel. This in-line video player - which is now limited to the mobile apps and site - is a possibly major sea change in terms of searching and finding results on Google.

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