Deep South Snow Expected Friday from Parts of Louisiana to North Carolina

StormTracker13 Thursday Forecast

Rain and sleet Thursday, light snow possible overnight in Houston area

Cold temperatures and rain.

Late Friday night as temperatures get a little colder some of that rain will change to snow around the Triangle and areas Northwest.

At the same time, a surge of colder air will move into the area Friday.

A Winter Weather Advisory is now in effect for the Florida parishes in southeast Louisiana and most counties in southern Mississippi.

A strip of wet snow and sleet is expected to develop by early Friday morning from eastern Louisiana to north Georgia, possibly including parts of the Atlanta metro area.

StormTracker13 Thursday Forecast
First Warning Forecast: Rain, Snow, And More Rain

And... a Winter Storm Warning has been issued for parts of southwest Alabama and southeast MS, with 1 to 3 inches possible in the warning area. The air is too dry over the northern third of the state for any meaningful precipitation tomorrow, and the low levels will be too warm for snow tomorrow across southeast Alabama. This will cause a gradual transition of ongoing rain to snow.

It's in those areas late-night Friday into early Saturday travel could briefly be impacted.

Light snow and rain has been spotted in and around the city of Lubbock but we have no accumulation of snow to report.

Most likely, there will be a 30- to 40-mile-wide strip of heavier snow, and trying to identify that far in advance is very hard to do. Still, any accumulations would likely have a hard time sticking to roadways, and be confined mainly to grassy and elevated surfaces. However, the biggest concern is the potential for black ice on bridges and overpasses first thing Saturday morning.

After seeing highs near 70 on Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon temperatures had dropped into the 40s for most. Our skies will begin to clear out Friday afternoon but our temperatures will sit in the 30s throughout the day. Despite the sunshine returning, cold air will keep temperatures in the middle and upper 40s both Saturday and Sunday.

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The event comes on the 76th anniversary of the day the Japanese attacked the USA naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The ceremony will begin at 7:55 am island time with a moment of silence at 7:55 a.m., the time of the attack.

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