CONFIRMED: Google's Project Tango to end on March 1, 2018

Tango was one of Google's first experiments with augmented reality but it's getting shut down in March

Tango was one of Google's first experiments with augmented reality but it's getting shut down in March

Tango, one of Google's earliest experiments in augmented reality, will shut down in March 2018.

Further, it was hard for Google to get phone manufacturers to build this fairly expensive functionality into their products, and it only succeeded in getting the Tango platform running on a few gimmicky devices. Tango came out in 2014 it was Google's first ever attempt on augmented reality, the required special cameras and sensors to accurately map 3D areas are making the phones very expensive.

While Project Tango requires specialized hardware in a smartphone like special cameras and sensors, ARCore doesn't need any of that, as it relies exclusively on software. It means that Tango is being replaced by Google's ARCore, which is based on software unlike the more hardware oriented Tango.

Tango had a notable pedigree at Google, too: In 2012, it was the first graduate from Google X, the search giant's skunkworks program (now known simply as X).

Google has also released the second developer preview of ARCore with improvements to the SDK for developers who are interested in AR.

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Today on Twitter Google announced that they have withdrawn support from Project Tango going forward, in favour of ARCore.

Now that Google has shifted its focus on ARCore, we expect many more Android devices to support augmented reality next year.

Project Tango was an attempt at bringing the benefits of AR to mobile devices, but it did so with a hardware toll.

"Google is continuing AR development with ARCore, a new platform designed for building augmented reality apps for a broad range of devices without the requirement for specialised hardware".

Apple recently unveiled its "ARKit" platform focusing on AR applications, to allow developers to build apps that could place virtual content on top of real-world scenes.

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