Atom official Injustice 2 gameplay trailer released

Injustice 2’s Latest DLC Character Atom Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Injustice 2’s Latest DLC Character Atom Gets New Gameplay Trailer"Up And Atom!"UP AND AT THEM! Gaming By Ashley Bates On Dec 6 2017

As you can see, Atom is definitely a unique fighter.

The latest character to enter the ring in Injustice 2 is none other than the Atom!

NetherRealm Studios have finally revealed a full gameplay trailer for Injustice 2's next DLC fighter: Ryan Choi, otherwise known as Atom. In it, we can take a look at the skills that this character will have.

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You can see The Atom in action in the extended gameplay trailer below, which showcases just some of the hero's powers. As you will remember, Fighter Pack 3 will include some surprises, like the Ninja Turtles. The trailer doesn't show much in the way of big combo potential, but give the pro players a couple of hours and they'll find something. The Atom will use his mastery of science and technology to assault his foes with stuns, snares and frequent size changes that will likely make him extremely hard to hit.

All in all, Atom looks like one of the most interesting characters in all of fighting games. Ultimate Edition owners will be able to use Atom starting on December 12, and I can't wait to try him out for myself.

Injustice 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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