Apple TV will finally get Amazon Prime Video

Apple TV will finally get Amazon Prime Video

Apple TV gets Amazon Prime Video app at last, Mr Robot here we come

Yes, Virginia, there is an Amazon Prime Video app on the Apple TV.

As we approach the new year, Apple has two promises left to fulfill: the iMac Pro and Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV. The story was spotted by reddit user studio1burbank; however, it has since been pulled. That is relevant because I saw the story at the top of the "Today" tab when I opened the App Store.

The Amazon Prime Video app is finally available for download to Apple TV users.

The timing of the release is not by accident. There is also an updated version of the Prime Video app for the iPhone and iPad. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said a year ago that the e-commerce giant would not sell Apple's streaming TV box unless his company's Prime Video app could be installed on the Apple device. Its addition will be a win-win for both Apple and Amazon. As we didn't have access to an Apple TV at the time of writing, we cannot confirm whether it has rolled out officially.

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For Apple, it will help to more easily sell its set-top box to the 90 million US -based Amazon Prime subscribers.

We love Amazon Prime.

The app and partnership was originally announced in June during Apple's annual developer conference. It has now been released and it will work with the third generation Apple TV, the fourth generation Apple TV and of course the latest 4K Ultra HD 5tgh generation model. There is no options listed to buy new content but you can access Amazon Prime Video and content you already purchased in your Amazon video library.

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