Apple: iOS 11 is now running on 59 percent of devices

Apple's iOS sheds market share in Blighty due to 'late iPhone X release'

Gmail, Google Maps Updated With Fullscreen Support for iPhone X

Market intelligence company Kantar said that iOS market share in the USA fell from 40.6% in the three months ending in October 2016 to 32.9% in the same quarter this year.

Apple's drop in market share was good news for Android OEMs, with Google's OS increasing its majority share by 10.4 per cent to 64.9 per cent during the three month period.

Google has finally pushed out a Gmail iOS update that adds support for the iPhone X's attractive, slightly unusual display.

However, it is noted that this problem was fixed, not all iPhone owners X. the Version of iOS 11.2 came out on Saturday 2 December. Data from Kantar shows that Apple's share fell by 7.6 percentage points in the US during the October quarter, compared to the same period previous year.

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Kantar believes that this drop in sales of the iPhone was inevitable as customers would eventually be upgrading to the iPhone X.

"And, as Windows continued to drop in share, Android was able to gain 4.3 percentage points in the big five European markets, 8.2% in the US, and 7.5% in Japan. In the three months ending in October 2017, the top five brands - Huawei, Xiaomo, Apple, Vivo, and Oppo - made up 91% of sales, compared to 79% a year earlier". Chinese brands like Meizu, LeTV, Coolpad, ZTE, and Lenovo who were once on the same trajectory as Xiaomi, foe example, have seen an abrupt stop in momentum, with many struggling to get past a 1 percent share.

The temporary lull in October is nearly certainly good news for Apple, indicating strong sales of the iPhone X with its higher average selling price and greater margins.

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