Apple has started selling an unlocked iPhone X from its online store

Apple iPhone X

Apple is Now Selling the iPhone X SIM-Free and Unlocked in the United States

But ship times have considerably improved since November 3rd, and now you only have to wait five business days to have your chosen iPhone X model shipped to your door. Yet even despite the rumored shortages of face-scanning camera tech and OLED displays, Apple has done an admirable job of getting stock back on track after the initial few weeks. United States customers can place orders on Apple's website for SIM-free iPhone Xs, rather than ordering a device that's already married to a specific carrier.

That means these unlocked phones can be purchased at full price and activated with a carrier at a later time. Better yet, Apple is finally selling a SIM-free iPhone X online, which means you no longer have to choose your carrier at checkout either. Delivery for both configurations and colors are slated for December 13, which is consistent with the carrier-supported units. You can, however, pick one up in Apple's retail stores today.

Apple quietly added an option to buy an iPhone X on Monday without a SIM card.

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This option is ideal for business travelers who don't want to stick with a wireless carrier and who might want to pop in a SIM card from another carrier, such as an global one during a trip.

The release of a SIM-free iPhone X is especially beneficial for AT&T and T-Mobile customers.

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