Wow Air Is Offering £99 Flights From London To New York

From April WOW Air will be flying from Dublin to JFK... for €130

WOW Air is offering fares from London to New York for £99 – that's LESS than the cost of the taxes

If Brits thought they needed big bucks to fly to the Big Apple, they can think again, because an airline has just launched a £99 London to NY fare.

WOW Air has just announced its latest U.S destination: the Big Apple. The flight between Reykjavik and JFK is scheduled to be just over six hours and will be flown daily.

Yep, Icelandic airline WOW are now flogging a flight from Stansted to NY for less than a hundred quid.

Good news, New Yorkers - Iceland's low-priced airline, WOW Air, will be offering flights out of JFK beginning April 26, 2018. It also includes flights for under £130 one-way to Newark, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit and Cleveland and if you're planning on visiting Iceland's capital next year, Wow Air's fares are particularly cheap, starting at £29.99 one-way. While it has not given an aircraft type, it opened the Newark route with Airbus A321s.

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The fare has been launched to celebrate its new service from Stansted to JFK International, via Reykjavik, which begins on April 2018. Flights now start at $99-one-way from JFK to popular European cities, including Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London.

The budget carrier does charge additional fees for amenities like entertainment and beverages, however, which can add to the cost of a flight.

The company is also interested in acquiring collapsed airline Monarch's slots at Gatwick for flights between Iceland and London, Mogensen said. Actually, catches: The $99 fares are limited and the airline charges extra for nearly everything, including carry-on and checked luggage, meals and snacks, phone booking, and more.

In 2015, the airline began flying to Boston, its first USA destination.

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