Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel to rob bank

Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel to rob bank

Mumbai: Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel into bank

In a bank robbery reminiscent of a 90's Bollywood heist film, a group of expert thieves dug a 25-feet tunnel to reach the lockers of a bank in Navi Mumbai and fled with valuables worth crores.

As the bank was closed on weekend, it is not known whether the incident took place on Saturday or Sunday.

The theft came to light on Monday when the bank staff went to the locker room and found it in complete disarray, with numerous lockers still open.

Hemant Nagrale Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner said in a brief statement that 30 of the bank lockers had been broken, out of two hundred twenty five, total available with the bank.

However, the alarming number of robberies in state-run banks, which many in India still consider a "safer" option as compared to their private banking counterparts, makes availing locker services an unintelligent bet. Since then, they reportedly dug the tunnel which stretched to 25-feet, to reach the locker room of the Bank of Baroda branch.

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Here's why. All bank agreements with customers availing locker facilities holds the relationship between them as that of a lessor and a lessee, or a landlord and a tenant, an RTI response revealed in a PTI report in June this year had revealed.

"The bank had CCTV cameras in the other rooms but none inside the locker room", Kiran Patil, assistant commissioner of Nerul Police told the Hindustan Times. He added that the police had found some leads and teams of officers and men were working on them.

Anxious customers gathered outside the bank on Monday morning. The incident came to light when a customer and a bank officer entered found that 27 lockers had been broken into.

It was reported that the robbers allegedly robbed valuables worth over Rs 40 lakh.

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