Nintendo Planning Another Super Mario Brothers Movie

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A New Mario Movie Could Happen As Nintendo Reportedly Nears Deal With Despicable Me Studio

In one of the highest profile licensing deals made by a Hollywood studio in decades, Illumination Entertainment have nearly sealed the deal make the animated movie.

Once upon a time, Nintendo chose to roll the dice on a big-budget Hollywood adaptation of Super Mario Bros.

While its live-action status did afford us the chance to watch the great Bob Hoskins prance around the screen as Mario, the movie was plagued with freakish departures from the elements of the Mario franchise we commonly associate with the beloved gaming series.

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Nintendo has already been in talks with Sony to produce the film, but Universal's Illumination studio is no doubt a more logical fit, given that the corporation is already in production on a Super Mario theme park. The licensing for Nintendo's wealth of characters, which expand outside of the Super Mario universe, was eyed by other studios, according to the Journal.

According to industry heads, Illumination has been in talks with Nintendo for over a year.

It's important to note that a deal is not yet done, and both Nintendo and Universal have declined to comment. Illumination is the company behind Despicable Me-which foisted Minions on the world-while Universal Pictures remains one of the largest film studios in the world. Is Illumination the right company to make this film, and is it a good idea that Nintendo - a video game company - have too much creative oversight for their film?

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