Jerry Jones calls talk of him being forced to sell Cowboys 'laughable'

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not worried about backlash over his attempts to slow down Roger Goodell's new deal

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not worried about backlash over his attempts to slow down Roger Goodell's new deal

However, with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doing his best to single-handedly wreck Goodell's extension as part of Jones' ongoing feud with the commissioner, things have gotten ugly in the prolonged discussions.

Other owners, according to Florio, are upset with Jones because they believe he encouraged Papa John's CEO John Schnatter to blame the National Football League for failing pizza sales. Jones, who was a non-voting member of the compensation committee, was kicked out immediately after he threatened to sue, reports the Times. If Jones has a problem with Roger Goodell, then, especially as the owner of the richest franchise in the sport, he should be free to voice his opinion and try to win others to his side.

In addition to the cease-and-desist warning, some owners are reportedly discussing a nuclear option - the long-shot possibility of making Jones forfeit his ownership in the Cowboys. "I've had not one inkling of communication with the league office or any owner that would suggest something that laughable and ridiculous".

On Tuesday, he implied that part of his issue is that Goodell isn't close enough to the end of his current deal. Goodell reportedly has asked for a salary of $49.5 million a year, the use of a private jet for life and lifetime health insurance for his family.

"I've had discussions with the committee chairman, but received no "notices" said Jones.

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"The committee is continuing its work towards finalizing a contract extension with the commissioner", he said.

"Roger [Goodell] has nearly 18 months left [on his contract]", Jones explained.

Jones' efforts to derail the five-year extension for the commissioner, which has been in the works for months and is almost complete, has annoyed a growing number of owners, who are angry that Jones has tried to hold Goodell's compensation hostage as a way to punish the commissioner for his decision to suspend Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. Jones said he opposition has nothing to do with Elliott's suspension.

Jones and Blank avoided each other after the Falcons defeated the Cowboys in Atlanta on Sunday.

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