Driverless cars take to United Kingdom roads

Connected and self-driving cars are being sent to Coventry

Jaguar Land Rover completes first public road tests of self-driving vehicle technology

Jaguar has begun testing self-driving versions of its cars in real-world testing on the streets of its home city, Coventry. The aim of the trial is to test how well the cars can replicate human behaviour and reactions when driving in real-world situations.

The features being trialled in the programme include emergency vehicle warning, which alerts connected cars that the emergency services are nearby; intersection collision warning; in-vehicle signage, which sends information about road conditions, congestion, and other incidents to the in-car display; electronic emergency brake light; green light optimal speed advisory, which sends traffic light information to a connected auto; intersection priority management, which prioritises connected cars at an intersection without signs or traffic lights; and collaborative parking.

Jaguar is testing a range of technologies as part of a £20m initiative from UK Autodrive, a consortium of interested parties that includes Jaguar Land Rover and Ford, as well as a number of prominent universities, city councils and technology firms.

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Testing this self-driving project on public roads is so exciting, as the complexity of the environment allows us to find robust ways to increase road safety in the future. "By using inputs from multiple sensors, and finding intelligent ways to process this data, we are gaining accurate technical insight to pioneer the automotive application of these technologies", said Nick Rogers, JLR's head of product engineering, in a release. But JLR says it isn't only testing autonomous technology. Between them, they have started trialling connected auto features in West Midlands city, while JLR and TMETC are also trialling their self-driving research tech.

The hope is that Autodrive will help make the United Kingdom a global centre for the research and development into automated and connected vehicles, and into making them a part of daily life.

Additional tests on its self-driving vehicle technology will continue through next year in the city of Coventry, historically the hub of Britain's auto industry and home of JLR's headquarters. Tests have passed in a regular mode, on-road incidents during the test are not reported.

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