Ben Affleck wants a 'cool way' to leave the DC universe

Henry Cavill

Why Steppenwolf Is The Perfect Villain For Justice League, According To Gal Gadot

And I love the reality that you have this universe that is so inverted from one that we know.

Deborah Snyder says Justice League 2 "would be amazing" but DC's lineup is already plenty busy.

Newcomer Fisher, making his feature film debut as Victor Stone, who is transformed into the hugely powerful half-man, half-robot Cyborg after an accident, describes Wonder Woman and Batman as the parents of the group.

The biggest DC Comics superhero movie to date, which arrives in theaters Thursday night, navigated family tragedy, historically bad reviews and a change in filmmakers.

- Justice is finally served for all the fans who have been waiting for the latest superhero film, "Justice League" is the first time this all star cast of characters comes together on the big screen. There is also his more orchestral take on the now-iconic "Wonder Woman" theme which was first introduced in "Batman vs. Superman" titled "Is She With You?" "There's a nice, warm, tension with Wonder Woman".

Texas State Greek life suspended after fraternity pledge dies
A preliminary investigation suggests Ellis may have died from alcohol poisoning, CBS San Antonio affiliate KENS-TV reports. Ellis, 20, was a sophomore at Texas State studying business administration.

And another track to note in the "Justice League" score is titled "The Final Battle".

"[It's] something I'm contemplating", Affleck said of appearing in The Batman.

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa added his own anecdote, saying his character plays a part in the events of Snyder's Superman movie. "Henry (Cavill), Ben and I had a wonderful addition with Ezra and Jason and Ray (that) just stirred everything up". "And everyone watching this movie is going to identify with the "at the between" characters and the similarities between characters as well".

When will Justice League release? And all the sudden you just see him, he kinda floats up on the ocean. Also in the works: Shazam, starring Zachary Levi as Earth's mightiest mortal; a Suicide Squad sequel directed by Gavin O'Connor (The Accountant); and a Batgirl project written and directed by Whedon.

"Maybe the idea of, when I walk (my dog) just before I go to bed at night, I've got to sort of make myself look half-decent in case there's someone who wants a photograph or there's someone outside taking photographs", he said. "We'll see what the future holds". "We certainly are in need of heroes in 2017", Affleck says.

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