Prepare Your Teen Driver for the Road Ahead

Law enforcement, safety groups remind teens to stay safe behind the wheel

Ford Driving Skills for Life gives teens on the road training

Teen Driver Safety Week will help parents focus attention on setting rules for their teen driver before allowing them to get behind the wheel.

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers, ahead of all other types of injury, disease, or violence. The latest results from State Farm show that the number of IN teens involved IN fatal auto crashes has gone down 30% between 2005 and 2015. If you're thinking of helping your teen driver stay safe by passing down your vehicle, or purchasing one for them, but are anxious that bad credit may stand in the way of a new ride, let Auto Credit Express help.

To bring awareness of teen driver safety among teens and parents, top tire manufacturer Michelin has teamed up with football legend -; father of a teen driver -; Emmitt Smith in an educational campaign, "Coaching Your Teen Driver".

Drivers using in-vehicle technologies such as voice-based and touch-screen features were visually and mentally distracted for more than 40 seconds when programming navigation, sending a text message and other tasks, the study said.

The Bakersfield Police Department does have programs put in place to help keep teen drivers as safe as possible when they're behind the wheel. "Keeping a cool head on the road starts with a strategy and a plan - that's where Michelin's resources for coaching your teen driver can help", said Emmitt Smith.

NOAA releases 2017-18 winter outlook for the United States
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The 2006 National Young Driver Survey was a research collaboration between State Farm® and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Inexperience is one of the leading causes of teen collisions.

Parents can play an important role in helping ensure their teen drivers take smart steps to stay safe on the road.

Ford Driving Skills for Life, a free hands-on training program for newly permitted and licensed drivers, is coming to Atlanta on October 21 and 22 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway as part of its 14th national tour. Yet too many teens are not buckling up, and neither are their passengers. "In Ohio, 124 people lost their lives in crashes involving teen drivers in 2016".

Start talking now. Talk about the learning-to-drive process. Distractions while driving are more than just risky-they can be deadly and are outlawed in 47 States, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. According to the NHTSA, nearly 40 percent of teen vehicle crashes happen at night. Make sure they're following the rules all the time and you do that by opening up a dialogue and having a good conversation with them. "We need parents to set the rules before their teens hit the road", added Martinez.

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