Ophelia: Man dies in 'chainsaw accident' in Ireland during storm

Derry's Lucas Schubert and Cork opponent Stephen Dooley in a race for the ball

Derry's Lucas Schubert and Cork opponent Stephen Dooley in a race for the ball

Tipperary, was killed in a chainsaw accident while trying to clear a fallen tree in Ballybrado, near Cahir. One or two trees had to be removed from the wires.

At the present moment, Storm Ophelia/ex-hurricane Ophelia has claimed the lives of three people in Ireland.

She said crews have begun to work on assessing the damage.

There was a further report of a landslip on the line and commuters were warned poor road conditions could further hit rail replacement services.

Authorities in the Republic and Northern Ireland have said schools will remain closed on Tuesday to ensure the safety of staff and children.

Ireland experienced the worst of the weather on Monday, with winds of nearly 100mph damaging electricity networks and causing widespread disruption.

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Speaking about the issue an ESB spokesperson has said the South, South East, South West and parts of the Midlands are the worst affected.

"Every part of Ireland is affected by this", she said.

Hurricane Ophelia is causing disruption across the United Kingdom and Ireland, leaving thousands of homes without power.

Clare O'Neill, a nurse in her fifties, was named yesterday as the first victim of Storm Ophelia.

He said: "The strong winds will continue but should moderate a little bit compared to what we have seen throughout the course of today".

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