HBO Is Trying To Prevent Game Of Thrones Season 8 Leaks

Good Luck to the Game of Thrones Cast, Who Reportedly Won't Get Scripts for the Final Season

HBO's INSANE Measures To Avoid 'GOT' Spoilers

The entertainment and production company then thought of sending the scripts through encrypted emails to protect the documents further but a massive hacking activity that targeted HBO, and "Game of Thrones" in particular, last July somehow proved them wrong. The cable giant now has a new plan.

Well, HBO is now taking some insane extra measures to ensure that NO spoilers leak about the final season - and you should be happy about that. It's the show's final season and one that's being anxiously awaited by tens of millions of fans across the globe.

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But it turns out Thrones fans needn't worry about HBO repeating the same mistakes during the crucial eighth season, as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) told Scandinavian talk show Skavlan (via Fansided) that he won't have access to season 8's scripts, and will instead learn his lines through an earpiece. Pirates have been all over this show.

The first season we got the scripts like you should get them and then you could sit and do notes and stuff. As the ultimate failsafe against hackers, leakers, spoilers, and those who wish to bring harm against this epic nerd soap opera, the actors will be fed their lines through a freaking earpiece and will be expected to deliver their dialogue that way, line by excruciating line. Liam Cunningham, the Irish actor who plays Davos Seaworth, said something similar recently. claiming that he had been given a script but was not able to open it yet. They only find out about their fate in the final season when they show up on set for filming and not a moment before.

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