Google Announces Three New Chrome Security Features

A cleaner, safer web with Chrome Cleanup - Google Blog

Google Chrome is now better at removing software that hijacks the browsing experience

Antivirus programming is dependably a waiting amusement, yet Google is endeavoring to make things somewhat less demanding for clients by adding some antivirus features to Chrome for Windows. This new tweak - called hijacked settings detection - is claimed to have helped millions of Chrome users recover from unwanted settings since last month.

However, from now on worries as Google has taken up your side with this latest update of chrome to fighting back such nasty threats and has introduced a clean and safer web experience for its Chrome users.

Today, the feature is being upgraded with a simpler UI and more powerful detection, while Chrome has improved handling with nefarious extensions.

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When Google Chrome detects a setting has been modified without the user's permission, a pop-up window will appear informing the user that their settings have been altered.

You can download the latest version of Google Chrome browser from here. The interface has been made simpler and Cleanup now includes the option to automatically remove the harmful software when it is detected. IT security firm ESET has combined its detection engine with the browser's sandbox technology. Chrome Cleanup operates in the background, without visibility or interruptions to the user. Google has partnered with ESET to offer the built-in antivirus solution, however, remember that the tool is not supposed to replace your PC's antivirus software. That said, users should still have a real, standalone antivirus installed on their Windows PCs if they truly want to be protected from major computer viruses and malware. You should still be running a security suite, but using Chrome as your browser is now an even more secure option. "The scans are being run periodically and the focus here is on remediation - system cleanup and restoring settings to known good state". "It only removes software that doesn't comply with our unwanted software policy".

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