Visitor logs at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort remain a mystery

Despite Court Order, DHS Releases Names of Just 22 Mar-a-Lago Visitors

The Government Just Released Mar-A-Lago Visitor Logs For The Japanese Leader's Trip. But That's It.

But all the administration eventually provided was a list of 22 Japanese officials who visited Mar-a-Lago in February with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

"After waiting months for a response to our request for comprehensive visitor logs from the president's multiple visits to Mar-a-Lago and having the government ask for a last minute extension, today we received 22 names from the Japanese Prime Minister's visit to Mar-a-Lago and nothing else", Bookbinder said.

The watchdog groups were already suing the Department of Homeland Security - which includes the Secret Service - for failure to release visitor logs at both the White House and Mar-a-Lago. Crew said in a statement that an additional lawsuit to obtain White House visitor logs was ongoing.

"The remaining records that the Secret Service has processed in response to the Mar-a-Lago request contain, reflect, or otherwise relate to the President's schedules", DOJ lawyers wrote in a cover letter attached to the disclosures.

It's the latest setback for advocates trying to make public information on who has access to the president.

"This is strong evidence of a violation by President Trump of the Domestic Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution", the group said. In July, a federal judge in Manhattan ordered that the records for Mar-a-Lago be turned over.

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But as we must boringly repeat, this president will not be impeached unless Democrats take back the House, and unless a supermajority of the Senate can be convinced that stealing from tax-payers like a cartoon robber baron, colluding with foreign governments, obstructing justice, and subverting due process are not qualities the country wants to see in its president. The lawsuit remains pending for the White House logs, but DHS maintains they have no records of visitors to Trump's Fifth Avenue property.

The Department of Homeland Security agreed this summer to hand over records related to the property's visitors in September. Trump spent seven of his first fourteen weekends at Mar-a-Lago, triggering what cost and ethics concerns among experts and watchdog groups.

CREW executive director Noah Bookbinder said his organization "vehemently" disagrees with the government's decision to only release a small portion of the visitor logs. "This was spitting in the eye of transparency".

Seeing the names of people who come and go can help the public understand who has the ear of the administration on important policy matters.

Echoing Bookbinder's charges, National Security Archive director Tom Blanton said: "The government misled the plaintiffs and the court", and "I can only conclude that the Trump White House intervened and overrode career lawyers".

The record was released as part of a larger request from Property for the People to the Coast Guard, which provides security at the waterfront property. It's not clear from the documents whether the Mar-a-Lago charge was a one-time occurrence, or if taxpayers are regularly paying for administration officials to stay at Trump properties.

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