United Nations envoy slams North Korea's 'reckless' behavior

Gen. H.R. McMaster right national security adviser and Nikki Haley U.S. ambassador to the United Nations answer questions at a briefing at the White House on Friday in Washington D.C.

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"After seeing your capabilities and commitment here today, I am more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming", Trump said inside an airplane hangar, surrounded by USA airmen and with a looming stealth bomber positioned behind him.

North Korea said on Saturday it aims to reach an "equilibrium" of military force with the United States, which earlier signaled its patience for diplomacy is wearing thin after Pyongyang fired a missile over Japan for the second time in under a month.

The remarks also came after H R McMaster, the US' National Security Adviser, reaffirmed that the Trump administration has military options in place for dealing with North Korea.

"For those who have said and have been commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option", he insisted.

Trump reiterated his full support for the Korea-U.S. alliance and said he would continue to provide any assistance and support necessary to further strengthen the alliance, Park said. "We will defend our people, our nations, and our civilization, from all who dare to threaten our way of life". "This includes the regime of North Korea, which has once again shown its utter contempt for its neighbors and for the entire world community". "Now it is not what we would prefer to do".

"These sanctions are just now taking effect", he said, without providing evidence.

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They agreed to continue their discussions when they meet in NY for the U.N. General Assembly later this week, according to the spokesman. A new set of United Nations sanctions that even Trump declared a "small step", extensive talks and a rhetorical two-step that leaves them where they have been for years.

"We are prepared, we're prepared militarily, we're prepared with our allies to respond militarily", Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters, speaking at the close of US-Japan security meetings with Mattis.

Trump called Kim Jong-un a rocket man as North Korea recently launched many ballistic missiles and also conducted its most powerful nuclear test.

According to Cheong Wa Dae, President Moon Jae-in and US President Donald Trump agreed to cooperate more closely and to work with the global community to further raise the pressure on Pyongyang. The missile is said to have flown some 3,700 kilometers, further than the distance between North Korea and Guam, which Pyongyang threatened on August 9.

"The two leaders agreed to work closely and to put stronger and more effective sanctions and pressure on North Korea in cooperation with the global community", South Korea's presidential spokesman Park Soo-hyun said.

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