Syria Government forces, Russian Federation jets 'targeted' US-backed SDF alliance

The reality of the frontline in Raqqa

Image A combined partnership of Kurds Arabs and Christians battle the remnants of IS

"To be clear, the USA government does not support US citizens traveling to Iraq or Syria to join the ongoing conflict".

The extent of the injuries was not clear.

The Coalition's mission is to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and we will pursue ISIS fighters regardless of nationality.

The Pentagon's referral to the Justice Department indicated that the new American detainee would also be turned over to federal courts.

Although the FBI conducted hundreds of investigations and made scores of arrests for raising money or providing support to Islamic State, relatively few Americans made their way to the front lines as combatants.

The alliance has taken part in the US -backed air and ground offensive aimed at forcing Islamic State militants out of Raqqah, the group's self-declared capital in Syria.

North Korea Threatens to 'Sink' Japan
The new resolution, passed by the Security Council on Sep 12, imposed more sanctions on the isolated dictatorship. NATO has called for "a global response" to North Korea's ballistic missile tests early on Friday.

Conflict monitor Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Wednesday the SDF backed by US Special Forces were flushing ISIS militants out of al-Thankanah neighborhood.

"It presented an opportunity for the coalition to strike and remove several ISIS fighters and resources from the battlefield", coalition spokesman U.S. Army Col. Ryan Dillon told reporters earlier this month. European governments and others have said that any of their nationals captured should be returned for trial at home. As a precondition for Coalition support, SDF and Iraqi forces have pledged to observe worldwide laws and the laws of armed conflict.

De-confliction efforts were ramped up following a series of clashes several months ago between US-backed forces and forces allied to the regime which resulted in USA warplanes downing two drones and a Syrian jet.

"Coalition officials are available and the deconfliction line with Russian Federation is open 24 hours per day", Army Lt. Gen. Paul E. Funk II, commander of the coalition forces, said Saturday in the press release. "We put our full efforts into preventing unnecessary escalation among forces that share ISIS as our common enemy", said Funk using an acronym to refer to IS.

Raqqa was the ISIS group's self-declared capital. "We are fighting terrorism in Iraq and we are killing them in Iraq".

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