Pokemon GO Event COUNTDOWN

Pokemon GO Event NEWS Equinox Update brings double stardust 3x XP and RARE Pokemon

NIANTIC Pokemon GO Event NEWS Equinox Update brings double stardust 3x XP and RARE Pokemon

The Pokemon Go Equinox Event isn't as eye popping as some of the other events that have blown through the Pokemon Go world this year, but it is still pretty entertaining and beneficial for regular players.

Pokemon Playhouse, a brand-new Pokemon app designed for preschoolers, is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. If you register your new Pokemon to your Pokedex during this period, you will earn 3x the normal XP according to the Pokemon GO team. During this time, you'll earn double Stardust for catching Pokemon and hatching Eggs. During the period outlined above, the in-game shop will offer items such as Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, and all-new Super Incubators that can hatch eggs 1.5 times faster. This is all for the special limited time till the event ends. Be sure to visit them for a chance to hatch rare Pokemon such as Chansey, Mareep, Larvitar and more. To know more about the update hit the source link below. But with the Equinox event, things will go right back to the basics featuring many in-game bonuses.

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This exclusive Mewtwo Raid Beta test is focused primarily in Europe especially on locations with gyms that are collaborating with Starbucks locations.

"This is a pattern that's emerged from previous Niantic's releases in European Union and Asia: sponsors get it first, then the rest of the Gyms / Stops. Shouldn't be too long before they come to Australia either". Niantic also reminds players that the three Legendary creatures will swap places on September 30th, so this is also the last chance to catch the one in your region.

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